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45400 Volynska obl., m. Novovolynsk, vul. Avtobusna, 8

Поштова адреса:

45400 Volynska obl., m. Novovolynsk, vul. Avtobusna, 8


+38 (03344) 41135


+38 (03344) 31260


Duk Oleksandr Mikolayovich - direktor


Nagirniy Zinoviy Mikolayovich

Телефон бухгалтера:

+38 (03344) 41135

Розклад роботи

Пн: 09.00 - 18.00

Вт: 09.00 - 18.00

Ср: 09.00 - 18.00

Чт: 09.00 - 18.00

Пт: 09.00 - 18.00

Банківскі реквізити

Реєстраційний номер підприємства: 21736981

Банк: Filiya "Zahidno-Ukrayins'kiy Komerciyniy Bank", m. Novovolins'k

МФО: 303268

Р/рахунок: 26009010025

Інформация про підприємство :

Кількість працівників: 15

Рік заснування: 1995

ІПН: 217369803183

Номер свідоцтва: 100329169


Відіслати електронного листа

Про компанію

The enterprise was founded by a group of young engineers on June 2, 1989, as an engineering and technical cooperative ”ELECTROTECHNICS”. In December 1995 it was reorganized into a closed joint-stock company ”ELTECH”. In March 2011 it was reorganized by transformation into the Company with additional responsibility ”ELTECH”.

Most of the founders of the company work at the enterprise, and the leading specialists of the enterprise are all founders.
Recently, the enterprise expanded its production base, the share of works carried out by own forces has been increased.
In all types of activities, the company’s specialists constantly improve their professional level, apply the latest
technologies. Thanks to the application of modern technologies and materials, the technical level, quality and reliability of the equipment produced are constantly increasing. All our equipment is provided with high-quality warranty service and technical support of users.

Our products successfully work at the electro-radio engineering and machine-building enterprises of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.


Enterprise ”ELTECH” since the inception and up to the present is engaged in design, production and sales:
- Winding equipment;
- Small-sized presses and dies;
- Hardware accessories;
- Designing and manufacturing of various special equipment according to the customer’s request.
The company ”ELTECH” is interested in the complex solution of the customer’s problems with the application our equipment. In this regard, we provide the following services:
• Development of technology, rigging and programs for winding complex coils (see examples);
• Winding trial (installation) batches of coils. This allows:
- to save money at the stage of mastering the output of the product (there is no need to buy winding machines before making a decision on the release of the series);
- determine the possibility and feasibility of using our equipment;
- determine the optimal configuration of the equipment;
- to shorten the term of production of the trial lot of the product and the transition to serial production;
• Development and manufacture of dies and accessories for use in conjunction with our PC series presses and the PASH-6 line;
• Leasing of winding equipment with the possibility of further purchase;
• Post-warranty repair and equipment modernization;
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